Hi There, The Prodigal Daughter Is Back!

Hi there, I'm back!It's been a while. Between work and relationshiping, writing had taken back seat. Not intentionally but it just didn't make it to the to-do list. Somehow I was too tired, or too busy or too... well, not just motivated. I've seen good moments worth long paragraphs of words. I've seen sad moments that suck all words in a vacuum you can't seem to ink them. Maybe that's the reason why I've stared at a blank page/screen for long knowing what I want to write but failing to express through ink. Creative block is better at least there is effort. My body was tired.Status update, I landed a new job, HOORAY! A momentary bliss of assurance that I'm good at something if I put my all. Being part of social change, looking back and say the day wasn't bad after all, I helped a soul. Fulfilling. Yes. Demanding. Yes. Draining. By now you get where I'm heading.  Maybe that's the reason why I've been quiet. The feeling of navigating a …

Lend Me Your Height!

I’m staring at this pageIt’s been a whileI divorced the mirrorI can’t stand the viewIt confronts meAnd that’s a no.
I see an imageA reflection of living on the edgePain at the tip of my eyesTired of holding this riverHeavy on demonsBeing strong but broken insideOuch, it hurts right now.
Nobody knows my painButI have one more fight.
Lend me your smile, days are gone I know not mineLend me your height, I’ve heard everything looks good from a birds viewSpirits high, a scenic view of highsNot the marijuana high, but a hopeful view undiluted by lowsI want to be high all the time, please lend me your height for this climb.
Today it hurts, but the sun will rise and we will try again.

If Feelings Could Talk!

Every day you wake up, open yourself to the world or keep to yourself you're bound to feel some type of way. It may be positive or negative, meaning it's a stimulus to what you expose yourself prompting automatic reactive behaviour. This is an essential survival need, our coping mechanism differ from one person to another. Ever feel like a victim in nearly every situation? You might be part of the people we're talking about today.
Linking back to my last series I Forgot How To Feelthere's a flip side where people feel  but negatively. Allow me to take you to an Instagram post, "What if mental health disorders are actually unresolved emotional trauma in disguise." It got me thinking that there are so many contributing factors that make us and the way we regulate emotions. In this case having a victim mentality. 
If you're susceptible to chaos or see yourself as a victim in many situations, you're drawn into it or crave it more. The thing is we're …

I’m Not Going To Shrink To Make You Feel More Comfortable

Have you ever been so out of touch with yourself? You’re one person when you’re in public and another when you’re alone. Moments where you’re shaken with the words you say or how you act when you’re around certain company. It’s like you’ve bipolar personalities, each day you see yourself fade away to a point you can’t recognize the person in the mirror. Adjusting to an environment it’s all fun and games, I highly recommend it’s a needed skill. But don’t get too comfortable in that place, remember there’s a time and place for everything.

The question is when is it too much? And is it worth depriving yourself to become a social chameleon?
If you have had these feelings, and you’re constantly trying to prove your worth to people. You seriously need to shift your thinking. Entertaining people who are always on the bubble, who can talk about you any way they like and not treat you well should be the thing of the past. Sometimes we tolerate crap in the name of fitting in. Whether at work …

Shoot For Perfection!

There’s nothing more fulfilling than a sip of positivity on a mundane day. It warms the soul, the push that’s much needed to get things done. Even Mr Ego. Mrs Independent. Sir Workaholic. And Madam Creativity needs it. No matter how you think you're built, we all need something to hope for.
That which drives us to wake up every morning beaming with hope on our sail through the waves of life. It's a new month. This September let your hair down, chanel your energy and take self-doubt by it's horns.
Of course, you’ll second guess yourself 80% of the time, the shadow of dissatisfaction can be intense. But do your best anyway, live out each moment to its fullest moment. This also translates to throwing your all every time at anything you'll be doing.
Shoot for perfection. Yes, I said it. The P-word is controversial. People gasp for air as if it's profanity. It’s overzealous some might say, but if you shoot for average you’re not guaranteed a hit all time. If you shoot …

If I Stay

If I Stay would you hold me like the first time
Filled with assurance and words pregnant with emotions
Only our hearts know
Every heartbeat, a love song
A safe haven in your arms.

If I stay would you hold me like you used to
Where you did all could
Effort was your middle name
Words of affirmation were in your vocabulary
Acts of service your daily workout to burn out the anxiety and negativity.

If I stay would you finish your sentences
Use all syllables in your words to show you're here
The shorthand always feels like it's rushed
Would you make me your main plan
Not the 'Oh, I was about to',
'I'm so busy right now'
'What if we do it tomorrow?' last minute texts.

If I stay would you be more intentional than too comfortable
Care a little bit more about my day and dreams
It's all in the little things
But they varnished with the sunsets
And new dilemmas as the sun rose
With the glow of change blinding my sight
If I had a time machine I would live…

Love Is An Action Verb, Show Don't Tell!

Love is a beautiful thing. Is it a state of being or a feeling? When people say they have fallen out of love, does it mean it fades away? Or maybe it's a state of being that stays inside of us, that needs to be fed, nurtured and realized it lives within us? Excuse me and my crazy thoughts, it's a mixture of insomnia and other times I swear it feels like I've been stung by a tsetse fly which makes me drowsy and my bed is my escape, for hours a temporary relief. So when you say "I love you" to your partner, friend or family what does it entail. I've seen videos that align love with words like sacrifice, compassion, respect, patience, kind, selfless etc. You know the rest. Then I thought maybe it's something that's a work in progress and it takes you and me to cultivate it. Teamwork makes the dream work! And for sure after labouring it bears good harvest, so love is fruits of your labour.

It's not all roses and petals all the time, there are times w…