Be Straight Up With Me Or Walk!

Have you ever met people who are just not truthful? From the smallest things, like what’s your plan really? Even the simplest question like, what do you do for fun? I don’t know whether it’s the need to impress or insecurity that my answer won’t measure up to the next person’s expectations? At first, it gave me chills, not the warm fuzzy goosebumps but the cringe that literally gives one an upset stomach. I was filled with so many questions, still is, and the reason why I’m writing about it. My mind screams, my face frowns and my whole being escapes me, I can’t handle hearing people deprive themselves of their true self. What for? Is it really worth it?Many things are avoidable. Literally everything, everyone has a privilege of choice. This is what it’s like every time everyone chose to lie and not be straight up. This is what it’s like living with lies on your tongue, it’s a choice. It all comes down to choice or it's the demons one is battling with inside but they win every time…

Dating Someone Who Knows Your Mental Health Is Everything Part 2

It’s been a minute, last time we discussed about how it’s important to know where your partner stands in terms of them being aware of their mental stability. I reckon it’s a must, it saves a lot of surprises and frustrations because you know who you dealing with. If you haven’t read the article click here, so we are on the same page.
I have in a fair share of relationships and it has been a hard journey of knowing how to show up for my partner/friends/family in ways they need me to vs ways I’m comfortable with. It was so easy for me to commit to a routine that was came easy to me like responding fast or make them laugh but I realized sometimes a person just wants you to listen or give them full attention, to feel your presence with no distractions. Hence, this article, please show up for people in your life in ways they need.
So what am I saying? Let me explain. Just show up and pay attention to what your partner actually needs. Don’t assume, don’t generalize we are all unique beings. J…

I Never Promised Perfect...

I never promised you perfect;
I'm flawed, I sometimes snort when I laugh;
I sometimes can't pronounce some words & other words I don't even try at all;
I'm a burning furnace, the smallest things make me erupt;
I get annoyed quickly, I lose interest slowly.

Stretch marks are embodied paintings plastered on my body, with cellulite to complement the defined lines;
I get scared of what tommorow holds, anxious for nothing and doubt myself all the time;
So when I ask how my dress is or do you like this color remember this...
I never promised perfect.

I caress my chin as if I've a beard when I'm lost in my thoughts;
Don't be weirded out or feel intimidated when stare you straight into your eyes;
I'm only trying to get know your soul;
I can be a whole lot, competitive and too focused;
But in a split second when the tide of doubt hits I can be lazy and lack substance;Not all my decisions are well thought out,
It is just this imperfect soul taking the world o…

No Offence, But If There Are No Boundaries Count Me Out!

I have noticed something about my working relations and preferences. As much as I love a job or it pays well, if there are no boundaries or explicit rules I tend to lose interest. I go from a 100 to 0 real quick.  Like it or not, human beings in general need some form of stern hand to maintain boundaries or yet alone to avoid people from being too comfortable. Without rules the world would be chaotic, rules simply create order out of chaos.Ever asked yourself why we have so many rules? In fact why do we have to follow any rules at all? Imagine a world where you can do whatever you want and whenever you want. Although you might be free and the absence of rules sounds thrilling, it’s a beautiful canvas of chaos. I was reading an article, this analogy confirmed my thoughts, “When you drive, you’ll realize how many rules apply to the act of operating a vehicle. You can’t go as fast, park as want or just change lanes.” Imagine if everyone on the road drove like the mushika mushika (taxi) g…

I Was Nominated For The Liebster Award!

I'm going to start by thanking nkocykay for nominating me for the Liebster Award, a lady with an arm of words and a fellow blogger. Girl you rock! Looking forward to discovering new blogs, so the rules go like this:
• Thank the Blogger who nominated you. Vote of thanks to nkocykay.
• Answer the 11 questions given to you. I'm looking forward to that, are you?
• Nominate 11 Bloggers. I have a blogging family, 11 out of many talented writers. In no particular order. If I skip your don't block, I got you in my heart. 
• Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post
What is your favorite book and why?
My favourite book is the bible. I feel like it's that one book where most writers draw their inspiration from. So why drink only a bowl when I have access to the spring waters of life. "but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life."
What son…

It's A Wrap For Now...

Here’s to friendships forged!A community build on words, a canvas of true solidarityCreativity sparked, a journey of self-discovery & hidden potentialPotential hidden in the depths of our anxiety, self doubt and blocksA glimpse that we’re one, different countries connected by wordsI hope you now know the power your words hold I hope you have shaken off doubts from the edge of your hemI hope your arms stretch to collaborations and new possibilitiesI hope you continue to challenge yourself from here till foreverLesson learnt, hold them, dear, the challenge ends but creating continues…Thank you Afrobloggers, for the new friends who are slowly becoming my blogging family, the laughs, facing issues that make our hearts ache, revisiting our goals and vision. Of course, the different voices and types of writing. Man this was good exposure to all the talented and creatives around Africa. Africa is creative, together we rise! P.S Don’t stop tagging me just because the #WinterABC2020 has co…

Self-Awakening Event!

How does time move so fast? It's day 20 already, another reminder that time waits for no man. A reminder that it's not about how much time you have but what you do with it? 
About life changing event, and it was hard playing back the last 24 years soon to be 25. I thought of my first steps which I barely remember, first day at school, University where I tasted my first freedom, weddings, friendships and relationships. But they didn't quite hit the spot.
What's worth achievements when you aren't good with self? Everything didn't matter, I was at war with myself. My father's death left with abandonment issues, his relatives disappearing as soon he was 10 feet under made it worse. A few dosage of failed relationships and life disappointments roared louder than my achievements. 
My life changing event huh? It was a moment when I was the edge of life and death. Not literallly, calm down, inner thoughts and toxicity. I'm a thinker, not a sharer but words explain…