Dear Africa!

Her dark melanin skin like dawn;
Full of potential and hope;
Only if she dares to dream;
The end of a beginning;
Taste of dust;
Your power lies in the wild;
Endowed; fruits gradually acquired;
A green lustre;
Lift your head high;

Living Alone In Lockdown & Mental Health

Living alone has it’s ups and downs, at first living alone, is exhilarating. It means doing whatever you want and whenever you want. I stayed up binge-watching series, worked on my blogs with no interruptions. It was a fun and freeing experience until the freedom to go outside and go wherever I wanted to be was taken away. Coronavirus meant for the foreseeable future, I will be spending a lot more time at home or rather on the lookout and be more cautious. After a few weeks, though, I noticed my mood change.I missed having people around. Call me extra, needy or whatever! There is nothing more depressing than waking up to the same scenery, probably do the same routine, stare at the wall and realize you are only 2 hours into the new day. Living alone can be lonely!
I was reading this article by Gary Kennedy on The Doctor’s Table blog, where he said the simple reality from birth to old age is that we need one another to regulate not only our emotions but bodies as well. Studies, including…

Can’t You Take A Joke!

I have heard this more than some of  your favourites' music. My bad, but focus that’s beside the point.It's true you can never be everyone’s cup of coffee, neither do some jokes. “My partner doesn’t know how to play.” Have you ever asked yourself that maybe you don’t have the same sense of humour? Interesting now? Let me explain. Teasing in itself is not always negative, come one it's a potent form of flirtation and seduction until you mess it up. It lies between intent and impact! 

Almost everyone has a sense of humour, you just have to flip the right comedy. We all say he/she must be able to make me laugh. It’s necessary, with life choking us out, a good laugh is a need. In the previous article, we talked about the importance of knowing your partner’s mental health, well , sense of humour comes with the package. You know the limits of your jokes, basically establish a shared sense of humour without hurting your partner’s feelings.
How to still be a joker without hurting yo…

Dating Someone Who Knows Your Mental Health Is Everything!

Hello loves it's Mental Health Awareness Week! We are going to be exploring relationships and mental health. In our minds, we always have this ideal partner in our head. As I’m blossoming into the person I want to be, I’ve come to appreciate how important it is or I rather should I say necessary to know and truly understand your potential partner’s mental health. If you’re informed you know what you are getting into. One of the reasons why we have premature and feel disconnected is because we rush into things and hide understatements like, “She/He became a totally different person, needy or they’re always moody” or anything in between. Maybe you just didn’t give yourself time to know their mental health situation for you to understand. I came across a tweet saying, “It’s important to know your partner’s home situation.” It hit home and it got me thinking, how many people really invest in getting informed about their partner’s mental health.

Fast forward >>> Ask the right q…

Paint Your Own Reality!

I like you enough as a friend but not enough to commit;
My words are enough, my actions are skewed;
Only if I get you to stay here, I can feed you with words enough to make you stay;
Consistency doesn't mean I have to be there for you but I drop by enough to keep you hooked;
Ask me any questions but don't question my commitment;
What matters is I'm here right. I give you the power to create so I don't have to explain myself if I can't stay;
Assumptions clear than words uttered;
'You know I like you' and 'I like you' remain blurred;
Paint your own reality.

Sexuality Talk| From A Man's Perspective

Is it true that “sexual freedom for women threatens the foundations of civilization?”
Why is it common to construct men as promiscuous by nature and label women as a prostitute when they do the same? 
Society understands when men engage in polygamy and extra-marital relationships as evident in sayings varume imbwa or amadoda izinja (‘men are dogs’) in Shona and Ndebele respectively. Women are expected to exercise sexual restraint or suppress their feelings yet they have desires that are, at times, uncontrollable too. 
Virtue and sexual honesty as exemplified in motherhood and wifehood are viewed as admirable feminine qualities (Spronk 2005) yet admirable husbands may have multiple wives or extramarital relations. Patriarchy is the malefactor perpetrating this set up as modus operandi. 
There is dire need to deconstruct patriarchal fallacies about sexuality in Zimbabwe and raise questions about the future. Should we continuously be defined and restricted by its ordinances or we should …

Life Does't Slow Down For Anybody, You Adjust Your Speed!

It’s going to sound funny but having a moment to sob around, lick your wounds and break down into ourselves is a privilege. A moment where everything just freezes, and the only motion is your emotions, feeling it through and taking a time to breathe. YES, they say “remember to take care of yourself, you can’t pour from an empty cup” but what if that moment of feeling your feelings is detrimental to your livelihood? What if taking a break isn’t a choice? Battles have to fight, and that moment of losing track can land your face on the ground when life knocks you out. I grew up and was born of a strong woman, never did I see her complain nor give up. Everyone has people you think they have all things worked out, but maybe just maybe they don’t have the privilege to crumble at the face of everything life throws at them.
The one who is supposed to work hard, a generation in their fist. There’s no time to slow down or to perfectly put it there’s time to show tears or break down. You resemble…